Message for Class of 2020

TUJ Faculty and Staff
TUJ Class of 2020 Celebration

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

What you have achieved would have been a major accomplishment during any era. Getting through the rigors of all the classes, club activities, internships, relationships, part-time jobs and everything else is a feat worth celebrating.

But you did it during this strange time, with the world is such a perilous state. You battled through. You did not stop.

Performing with excellence during the most difficult of times shows your true strength. You can do anything.

I look forward to seeing where life takes you. I hope you come back and regale the next batch of students with tales of your successes.

If you ever need a hand, or if you ever want to talk, you are always welcome to drop me a line. We’re all family, you know, Temple Owls for life?

I look forward to celebrating with you soon.

George Miller
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

George Miller