Message for Class of 2020

TUJ Class of 2020 Celebration

Class of 2020!

Congratulations on your well-deserved success. I can see how hard it was and how difficult to work and study. You sacrificed sleep to study for your class, exams and papers. You had to secure your time for them! Now you are getting out of school. You can spend more time  with your loved ones! It's time to celebrate all your hard work until today! You are going to miss it!

Welcome also to the Tokyo Chapter of the Temple University Alumni Association where you can meet many Temple mates. Now you are members of the Alumni Association. Please check the Tokyo chapter page on Facebook and join us for future events. We look forward to seeing you all ! Again Congratulation on your graduation!

All the best for a bright future ahead of you!

Chair Person, Tokyo Chapter of Temple University Alumni Association
Alice Mayumi Kitaoka

Alice Mayumi Kitaoka